Gutter cleaning

Edmonton gutter cleaning

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Ensuring that your gutter is in working condition is an integral aspect in ensuring that your roof isn't at the mercy of water damage or even worst, an accidental basement leak.

Roof rotting

The majority of roofs in Alberta are constructed with a wooden fascia that serves as the structural force that supports your roof. Upon the overflowing of a dirty gutter, the overflowing water can latch and absorb into the fascia which can result in your roof rotting slowly overtime until it becomes a substantial infrastructure issue for the entirety of your home.

Bug breeding ground

A packed gutter is a breeding ground for insects due to the accumulation of debris inside the frame. This results in mosquitoes, termites, ants and wasps creeping their way into your roof which can ultimately result in them finding their way into your home.

Water overflowing

The primary reasoning for gutters being placed around every house is due to the proper routing of water that occurs from rain and snow. Imagine a scenario where gutters were packed filled with debris and a thunderous storm were to occur. This could easily result in your gutters overflowing and falling onto the siding of your house resulting in water seeping through the ground into your basement. Properties that often fail to account for gutter cleaning, commonly run into this issue.

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