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If you have concrete walkways, storefronts, and entrances that receive a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis, regular power washing is recommended to remove stubborn stains and restore a clean & professional appearance. Areas prone to excessive debris such as gravel are best suited for pressure washing due to the rough and tough consistency of rocks and debris.

Concrete is known for absorbing dirty water, which is why dark stains are commonplace. If you want your concrete to look impeccable and be stain free, you will need to utilize an industrial solution or business that can get the job done - that's where Ravanal Wash It All comes in.

Why our concrete cleaning is different than the other guy.

Pressure cleaning concrete surfaces are a great way to restore the look of old and dirty concrete areas. In order to achieve the incredible results that we bring our clients however, our team follows a strict process of restoration in order to ensure the results that our clients desire.

Before starting on your concrete surface, our team will determine materials and conditions that need to be addressed. Concrete surfaces that have accumulated excessive dirt, grime, fumes, paint and graffiti will require a thorough deep cleaning process to remove the contaminants. Pressure washing can assist in removing these contaminants, however in some cases it will require additional treatment to the individualized spots with specific chemicals of which a member of our team will identify before pressure washing begins.

Another point that our team will observe before the job begins is the classification of the growth of moss and fungus that can encroach upon your current flooring surface. When these macroscopic growths creep towards the surface, a member of our team will be sure to disinfect this area in order to prevent future growth and destruction of your concrete surface.

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Never hired a professional pressuring washing company to clean your property? Our team has a vast range of before and after pictures as part of our portfolio to showcase the impeccable quality we offer as Edmonton's premeir pressure washing business.